• Bursley Ware Vase

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    Nov 20

    2 X BURSLEY WARE 'AMSTEL' VASES. Baluster vase by Charlotte Rhead for Bursley Ware in lustre design TL76. Barrell shaped, floral/leaf design on green and ivory ground, with gold highlights. In 1919 the trade mark BURSLEY WARE was introduced for this type of item, and Tall vase 3.5 ins top rim, 6.5 ins wide, 10.5 ins high. Bursley Ware Charlotte Rhead Vase TL3 Trellis Pattern – Beautiful Bursley Ware Charlotte Rhead Vase in the TL 3 pattern . Approximately 7 1/2quot; in height. Charlotte Rhead H J Wood Bursley Ware Floral Vase c1950 – Pattern TL95. An elegant Charlotte Rhead tube-lined vase with a central band of stylised flowers.

    Bursley Ware Vase

    • Examples of H J Wood ware Examples of Charlotte Rhead ware . Examples of E Radford ware.
    • 00 Lot: 6 A pair of Bursley Ware bottle vases, by H J Wood Ltd., 1930s, Seed Poppy pattern, 33cm.
    • Price:$79.99 – RARE BURSLEY WARE CROWN POTTERY 6 SIDED VASE ENGLAND BLUE COBALT flowers bird – Pace For Your Savings, Pace For Your Savings.
    • Bursley Ware Pottery Vase,Amstel,Burslem,England,6 tall,hand decorated,great colors,no damage,no repairs,excellent condition.
    • Delightful tube lined, lustre glazed 4 1/2" art deco vase by noted artist and designer Charlotte Rhead for Woods and Sons, Bursley Ware, circa 1920s.
    • Includes: • Design the bouquet • Flower styles • Origami flower bouquet paper A vase meant for real flowers is perfect for a life-size bouquet of origami flowers.

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